Grannies! Grannies! Grannies!


Ok so in my household my partner always jokes that hes my toy boy because im an 80 year old woman stuck inside a 27 year old! Needless to say hes actually older than me, but also very right on many levels! This may explain my obsession with granny squares! I looooove them. They are versatile and hold so many possibilities that this week ive gone a bit mad with them! My personal favourite is the rose granny ive been crocheting to make a blanket.


So given my obsession i thought id share with you what i consider to be 10 of the best free granny square patterns.

1. Crochet angel heart granny square by Maz Kwok of be a crafter.


This is sooo cute! I love the colour scheme Maz has used and that the heart applique can be used on its own or encorporated into a granny. This square is well instructed with images to help. Check out Maz’s instagram and the rest of her blog for other great patterbs too.

2. Crochet rose granny square on craft elf.


This is the pattern i used for my rose squares above. Once youve made one of these youll want to make hundreds more. Again the colours used her can be any colour or scheme and the grannies can be used for numerous things. This pattern is slightly more advanced for a beginner crocheter but well worth the perseverance if you are a beginner.

3. Minion granny square from repeat crafter me.


Ok so who doesnt love Sarah from repeat crafter me? If you arent aware of her a. Where have you been and b. Follow her pin her work read her blog she is amazing and her crochet work is fabulous. I love her so much im including two of her designs here! This square again is a little more advanced but is great for all the minion obsessed kids out there. Its unique and different and thats what Sarah doea best.

4. Owl granny square from repeat crafter me.


Again a slightly more advanced granny. Sarahs instructions however are super clear and she has great pictures to go with them. I like this as again its aimed at a younger age group. I love that grannies are for all age demographics ☺.

5. Daisy flower granny square from color n cream.


This is super easy and has such great instructions. I love the colours used here, you’re instantly drawn to the squares as they’re so bright. Even a beginner will be able to work these squares up. Please take a look at the rest of the blog. If nothing else just looking at the pictures will instantly cheer you up. The colours are fantastic and the patterns too.

6. Heart granny square from wild and wanderful.


Super duper easy to work up in numerous amounts of colours and can be joined using many methods. Carry your colours through the square to save weaving in all those ends.

7. Tropical delight square on Mellie blossom.


Firstly i will reittorate mellie blossoms message that this is not her own pattern but she has permission to
share it for free on her blog. Now formalities out of the way this square is spectacular. Yes its not a traditional square but it is amazing. The pattern is for an advanced crocheter and i would recommend reading all of the notes and the pattern thoroughly before attempting this simply gorgeous square.

8. Skull granny square by crochet nirvana.


Firstly for the pattern the link will direct you to crochet nirvanas blog. If you scroll down eventually you will see the above image. Click the image and a pdf will download. Voila pattern. The pattern is easy enough for the beginner crocheter and is super cool for older kids and grown ups alike. Check out crochet nirvanas artwork to shes got such great talents.

9. Daisy heart granny square from Daisy Cottage designs.


Another blogger i absolutely adore (check out her crochet tote bags). With super clear explanation and instructions and great pictures this pattern is suitable for any crocheter no matter how experienced. Thats what i live about daisy cottage shes super good at explaining every detail or question you may have in a pattern.

10. 4 hearts granny from hooks and yarns.


This is strictly a 3 in 1 pattern. Hooks and yarns gives us this gorgeous square, a 3d element and also has 3 ways to work it up. As 4 hearts, 4 cupcakes or 4 ice cream cones. Super fun and easy enough to work up.

And thats your lot folks. Hoping youve enjoyed the round up and will enjoy making some of these fabulous squares. I do have a granny square board on pinterest also.
Happy crocheting


Valentines 💖💖💖

Hi lovely folks. So today is little ladys valentines disco! Ok ok so shes only 4 so its more of an excuse to have a nursery party than anything else! But i have to say this year im more inspired by valentines day than usuall.
Little lady was super excited this morning as you can see.


I crocheted her a lovely headband to wear to heart her outfit up a bit! Needless to say im biased and think shes adorable!


So her excitement has deffinatley rubbed of and this morning i decided to crochet a set of gorgeously valentiney (yes its a new word 😊) pair of wrist warmers.


These are made as a one size fits all using the super cute heart stitch that has been seen on blankets, leg warmers, cushion covers etc. I used this tutorial for the heart stitch http:// and simply made a block big enough for my wrist and sewed the right sides together to make a nice neat seam.



A quick guide: the pattern is in multiples of 7 with a chain of 8 to begin. So i chain 8 and then chain in multiples of 7 untill the chain fit around the largest part of my hand (including the thumb).
I then followed the pattern on the heart stitch tutorial untill my block was at the right length to fit my wrist.
Fold right sides together and stitch the seam.
Tadaaaa hearty wrist warmers ☺
Hoping you all have a fabby valentines day

Out Of The Loop

Ok ok so I know I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever. Me and my little clan have taken a well deserved break lately and been on holiday for the first time in 18 months. We went to the lovely Wales and enjoyed every second and had a great chilled few weeks. This also gave me chance to work on a few products, and also my very first patterns 🙂

So chuffed with myself. The first pattern I came up with made this adorable foxy headband. Modelled by my lovely darling daughter 🙂

Fox Headband 4Fox Headband 2

The pattern is basic with a few more complicated crochet stitches. I have found a love for front and back post crochet, and a love for making triangles!!! Sad I know. This is now available in my Etsy Shop.

The second pattern I’m working on my first tutorial for 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ve got big excitement for this as it makes me feel like I’ve progressed in the world of crochet. The pattern will be for a pair of Dinosaur Fingerless Gloves for all ages and sizes. I’m hoping to have this finished and posted early next week, so please stay tuned 🙂

Happy Hooking x

My First Sale!

Good Morning all.

So I set my Etsy and Folksy shops to holiday mode last night as we need a break as a family 🙂

I thought this morning I’d just give them both a quick check on the off chance before I kick in and get busy, and Harrah I was so pleased to see I’ve made my first sale on Etsy! I’m so super chuffed. I’ve sold things via eBay before but not on the dedicated handmade sites. Just in case you’re interested I sold this lil guy.


And I hope his buyer will be very happy and leave me a nice review 🙂

I’ve wrapped him and packed him this morning and will post tomorrow. I was so excited I just had to share it. I hope this is the start of things to come, I’m going to continue crocheting my butt off! Stock my shop further and pray lol.

Happy Sunday and happy hooking x

From 0 to 1000 in 2 weeks


Hello all!

Today I’ve breached the 1000 followers Mark on Pinterest. I’m so pleased 🙂 now I know it’s not 10 000 followers like a lot of people have out there, but hopefully it will give me some exposure for my etsy shop and start a snowball effect.

The reason everyone wants followers is of course for re-pins and exposure, which hopefully this will boost for my etsy shop. Pinterest also ranks re-pins and activity, popularity and likes so if you’re looking to get featured or recommended it’s a good way to go, the more followers the more you get seen.

This achievement has only taken 2 Weeks and a little bit of work and here’s how I did it.

Firstly I searched for my niche subject on Pinterest (crochet for me) and looked at all the pin here, this is important make sure you’re looking at spinners and not pins.

Once you’ve found the spinners of your niche out there look for the pin here with the most followers. Now for those of you with a Folksy or Etsy shop there’s a great place to start. Etsians and folksies alike out there generally operate on an ill follow you back process, so are great people to follow.

So as an example type Etsy into the search and then go onto their profile.

Next thing to do is go to either their followers or people they’re following. Most people will advise you to go for their followers first. This is fine. People that follow something you’re interested in are likely to look at your pinterest and follow you too as your pinterest will be made up of things they like too.

Now if you look at a corporation like Etsy and their followers they are more likely than not people who also have a lot of followers (bloggers, bigger handmade company etc) if you can get some of these people to follow you and pin your pins this could prove really helpful as more people see your work.

Keep doing this look for mote ways to describe your niche for instance I’ve searched, knitting, handmade, crafts, and also blogs as most blogs out there worth there salt are a bit crafty or diy related. Now hopefully most of these people will follow you back and your feed on pinterest will be filled with inspiration too.

Another thing I will say here too is follow people your products are aimed at. For instance I crochet a lot for kids. So I typed ‘mumsnet’ into a pinner search and followed people who follow Mumsnet. This is in the hope as mums buy mostly for kids it will direct them to my product.

»»»»»pinterest will only allow you to follow 300 people at a time, so you will have to keep at this««««

The next thing to do is make sure you pin at least 10 things each day. Try to make sure these are spread out, some people will follow you if you bulk up there feed to much. Really interesting, and also new (by this I mean things not necessarily sourced on pinterest, but on the internet) images are key here, it makes you more followable.

Thirdly liking images is key too. Every time you like a pin it pops up in that person’s notifications and they may just give you a click to see who you are and if you’re worth commenting on. Be careful here again as if you ‘like’ to many images pinterest will put a block on you. This is purely to stop spamming.

Fourth, make sure to comment on images. Make sure these comments are worthwhile, for instance posting something like ‘cool image’ is less likely to get your pinterest a view. Commenting on colour, perspective, design, etc is more worthwhile. Ask the pinner a question if you like or even invite them to look at a board of yours that is similar. Content in comments is key.

Lastly, joining in group boards is another way to gain followers. Pingroupie is a great place to find boards to join, don’t be afraid to ask for invites. The worst someone can do is ignore your request. I’m a member of a few group boards now and have even been invited to boards without asking which means someone has looked at my profile to see if my content is worth pinning.

These are the things I did to build my following, and I have noticed too that a lot of people following me I’m not following which means I am gaining exposure. Hopefully this will work for you too.

Happy pinning x

Disney’s Frozen Crochet Roundup of the best FREE patterns

Frozen Crochet Roundup Title

Hello all!

So I don’t know about the rest of you with young girls out there, but my daughter is madly obsessed and in love with all things Disney! In fact at the age of 3 she has requested I crochet her something from each disney princess film for her birthday! I have explained to her that this is in four weeks and probably won’t happen but I’ll try! So it gave me a hunt, a mission if you will to root out a lot of crochet patterns. I therefore thought I’d share what I thought to be the best for each DP film in a pattern roundup.

So first we begin with the most popular Disney film ever Frozen! All of these patterns are free and vary in difficulty. Click the highlighted title for the pattern link. So let’s get started.

Starting with the main lady herself Queen Elsa of Arrendale Doll pattern found on Ravellry.


This pattern is by Annie 88 on deviant art and is just lovely, it is elaborate and involves a lot of work but it’s so worth it. One hint here do not click the download link, the pattern is found in the info section underneath the picture, from here you can copy and paste.

Anna’s coronation barbie doll dress

Frozen Crochet Roundup 2

This is from the brilliant cogaroo crafts here on WordPress. Again the link is in the title. The pattern is fine for a beginner I’d say as its explained really well. I love crochet doll clothes, they cost next to nothing to make and more often than not last longer than the store bought clothes.

Next we have a lovely crown, perfect for dress up.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 15

This pattern is from fable of five (cute blog :)) and is super easy and again really inexpensive to make. Note to selves here these headbands can be picked up super cheap on eBay in packs of ten. Making these perfect party favours too.

You can’t have Frozen without the snowflakes!

Frozen Crochet Roundup 1

I love these, in fact I’ve already made up a few (not the same pattern as those on Etsy fear not!) I made these for my daughter’s frozen party and they were a huge hit. Great for a beginner, and a quick make up for someone more experienced. I would block these if your going to use them as decorations, the flower girl as ill call her (couldn’t find her name on her blog!) Suggests Modge podge I use p a mixed with water which is just as effective.

Elsa barbie doll coronation dress

Frozen Crochet Roundup 3

Another great free pattern from cogaroo crafts. As she says in the blog getting hold of these dresses for the dolls is costly, I’ve known people buy two dolls for this reason! These patterns are fab and let’s be honest they could be Disney’s own for how good they look. Kudos to cogaroo I say 🙂

Now this is the ultimate Frozen costume.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 4

I love love love this. As a free pattern it’s tremendous! Yes it’s elaborate I get that buts it’s flipping spectacular too. Well worth the effort for the result. The pattern for the bag tiara and wand are also included, and hey if you start now it should be ready for Halloween 😛 Just a little side note here. Someone has left a rather unfair review on the pattern saying it was a ‘pain to measure constantly why don’t they tell you to continue a stitch for x amount of rows’ well let’s clear this up, every child is different for example my baby is 4 in September and barley touches 100cm if they said to crochet for x amount of rows it may be too big on one child and too small on another. If you aren’t willing to put the graft in, give this one a miss.

Now let’s not forget about Anna.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 6

I love this knot your nanas crochet, if you take a look at my post about my favourite crochet blogs she’s up there 🙂 the stitches here are simple enough and so is the assembly just bare in mind it’s a big project so it will take time, but again much cheaper and way more thoughtfull than store bought.

To go with the cape, this gorgeous hat.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 7

I will definitely be making this for winter. The pattern is easy to follow with great pictures. The design of the hat itself is gorgeous this doesn’t have to be an Anna hat but I just love that it is! Check this blog out its got to go on your to do list.

We must not forget Olaf!

Frozen Crochet Roundup 9

I love one dog woof anyway so call me biased but this was the best pattern out there that didn’t look a tad too goofy. His face just seems right and look at those cute little arms. A great make up and super easy if you know amigurumi.

Transforming Elsa Amigurumi.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 12

This pattern is very cool. The site is in Spanish (I think!) I’m hoping your browser’s will automatically translate like mine did however if not type irka chan into a Google search and fingers crossed in the results it should come up with a little translate this page icon. The pattern is a little more complex but it is adorable and the beauty with amigurumi is that if you choose a thicker yarn than that stated it will turn out bigger and vice versa so they can be made any size you like.

Crochet Elsa Hat With Plait

Frozen Crochet Roundup 17

Ok so two reasons I chose this pattern over a crown with hair or a snow queen hat. Firstly it’s super simple, and secondly it fit a like a hat but looks like the hair so it’s snug, can be worn outdoors and looks like Elsa hair not a hat with a Plait. This is great to complete the costume and again much cheaper than a store bought wig!

This super cute snowflake scarf, is a must for any frozen fan.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 13

Keep scrolling down for the pattern on the page. I love Twinkie Chan and I love how delish this looks. It’s super bright blues make me just want it (to eat or wear I’m not sure!) And its a great pattern to follow for beginner or expert alike.

And there you have it folks, that’s what I reckon are your best Frozen freebies. I want to just add a little end though. There’s a designer on Ravellry called Becky Anne Smith, she designed an Elsa Anna Kristofferson and Sven dolls which I wanted to include as her patterns were amazing and free (see picy below).

Frozen Crochet Roundup 18-1

However she sold these to Disney (can’t say I blame her to have a major company want your crochet pattern is a big achievement) she did say when they’re available for purchase she will leave details on Ravellry and I think they would definitely be worth a purchase.

Hope you like it. Next pattern search will be for Disney’s Brave (wish me luck on that one!)

Happy Hooking x

Crochet Knot Headband

Crochet Knot Headband

Hi folks. A couple of days ago I was looking at quick, easy, stash busting crochet accessories on Pinterest (you can find me here) and came across these cute little knotted headbands. Now I’m not crediting this pattern as my own by all means. I just found that with a few tweaks here and there it was more understandable, and also easier to size to a specific age or person. So here goes.

You can use any yarn and hook for this. All you need is enough leftovers to make 6 chains that are double the size of the head you’re making it for.


A note about sizing here. I sized this so that it was big enough for my 3 yr old daughter. Now I personally know from making previous things for her that her head is 85ch around. So you need to double this so that you have enough leftover to tie the headband (something I wasn’t told in previous patterns they kept comin out to small!). Now all you need to do if you don’t know the size of the person’s head is look up head sizes (again on pinterest for me, great pin here) and then chain double the length stated example an average toddlers head is 17.5″-19.5″ so I would chain 39″ x 6. Any queries please do comment and I’ll try to answer as best I can.

So the tutorial. This is to fit a 3yr old as said previously.

Ch 170 from any yarn 6 times. So that you have 6 chains.

Crochet Headband pic 1

Group these chains into 2 groups of 3 and make sure they’re lying on a flat surface. With the first group fold them like the below so there’s a loop in the top.

Crochet Headband pic 2

Now bring the second group across the top of the first and curl the ends upwards.

Crochet Headband pic 3

Bring the right side tails, of the top group underneath the right side tails of the bottom group.

Crochet Headband pic 4

Bring the left side tails of the top group underneath the loop of the bottom group. (This knitting process is easier if the group’s are two separate colours).

Crochet Headband pic 5

Now the next part will seem dead easy to some people, once you’ve done it the first time you’ll have mastered it but I have tried to illustrate the picture below as much as possible to make it easier. Take the right side tails from the top group that are now underneath the right side tails of the bottom group. Bring them over the right side loop. Take them under the left side tails that you brought up in the previous step and then back over the loop.

Crochet Headband 6

Hopefully you should have what looks like the above. Pull on all the tails. . .

Crochet Headband 7

Finally straighten out the chains so they’re neat when pulled and give the effect you want. Here’s mine of my beautiful (and very patient with me!) Model.

Crochet Headband 9Crochet Headband 10

The great thing about this is its so versatile. There’s loads of different types of knots out there that can be done in the same way. You can match the colour to any outfit and even interchange with headbands you’ve already made (just pull one apart and reknot with different colours. Also any yarn weight can be used. Put a chunky yarn into play and you’ve got a great winter warmer. Use a lighter weight and its perfect for summer.

Hope you like it 🙂

Check me out here;





Happy Hooking!

Inspiring summer fun


So I haven’t blogged in a while, mainly because I feel I have to blog about all things crafty and I haven’t been very inspired as of late, I just feel like I’ve been out of the loop, so I’ve decided and made a promise to myself that from now forth I shall blog about whatever my heart desires 🙂

Today we’ve had so much fun in the sun, and its been so nice to be out of the house it’s left me inspired to no end, so I thought I’d share it with you, hoping to spread some sunshine.

It’s been red hot in our parts (23°c!!!) So we ventured to the park this morning, my daughter gave me several mini heart attacks (when do you get over worrying about them tripping on so much as a stone and hurting themselves?!). I’ve also finally made an effort with my garden! Harrah they yelled over the fen e when we whitewashed away the dirt and finally added plants (who would have thought plants in a garden!)


Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want a flower show award or anything like that, but now at least when I step through the back door I’ve got something nice to look at. Also today Poppie bought herself a wendy house (she’s 3 and has more money than I do!). Credit to her she’s saved these pennies up in her reward box, and has wanted a wendy house for so long that today I said I’d count her money and we would go and fetch one.

It’s been so nice just to chill in my garden and watch my little girl have fun, and build lots of sandcastles 😛


So much chilling was done and so much fun had in fact that it got my little brain whirring. I’d wanted to do a bunting set for a while but couldn’t find the perfect motif. Today inspired me so much I have crocheted and blocked my first motif ready for a string of girly summery bunting. 1434136052567

Please excuse the pins! I’m using women’s institute premium acrylic yarn (which is on offer at hobbycraft 3 for 2, and at £2.20 per 100g I’d say it was a bargain!). Also the picture doesn’t do this colour justice, it’s the most gorgeous shade of summery pink. Loving that I’ve got my craft back 🙂

I’m using pattern and blocking method from please check out her blog it’s lovely and so informative 🙂

Happy Friday x


Now I know this is a little off topic for my blog, but there’s been a lot on this topic in the news lately and I wanted to throw down some facts and also voice some personal experiences to help those mothers who feel ‘ bad’ because they don’t or can’t breastfeed.

Let me just clear up here I’m completely for breastfeeding, I don’t have a problem with it and I do believe the benefits of breastfeeding are great I do however think it is wrong that people who cannot breastfeed or choose not to are thought upon as wrong or silly or made out to feel like they are a bad parent (from personal experience this last one is the worst).

So where to start, well let’s start with benefits.

The Infant Feeding Profiles 2010 to 2011 report shows the correlation at Primary Care Trust level between higher rates of breastfeeding prevalence and lower rates of inpatient admissions among infants under one year old for the following ten conditions:

  • lower respiratory tract infections
  • wheezing
  • noninfective gastroenteritis
  • otitis media (ear infection)
  • lactose intolerance
  • asthma
  • infant feeding difficulties
  • gastroenteritis
  • eczema
  • infant feed intolerance

The highlighted Conditions are relatable for us. Our daughter struggled with many bouts of gastroenteritis as a tot, she had an ear infection so bad that she made her ear bleed, and she is currently struggling with asthmatic symptoms. However she takes it all in her stride is resilient and is a happy child. Kids don’t baby with illnesses like adults do, they’re much better at them!

Benefits to mothers. The longer a mother breastfeed the greater their protection against breast and ovarian cancer, and also hip fractures in later life. Recent evidence has demonstrated correlation between prolonged breastfeeding and postmenopausal risk factors such as cardiovascular disease. The world cancer research fund indicates breastfeeding as one of ten recommendations to reduce risk of cancer.

Great, it is all good stuff it’s good for mum, it’s good for baby. So if you can and you waby to that’s fantastic. There are also financial benefits (not nearly as important as the health benefits) but they’re still there nonetheless.

So I hear you ask ‘why would you not breastfeed’ well there are loads of reasons and some of them do have health implications on baby and what they’re taking in from your body.

Medication for example. Mums on medication are usually given so that it won’t affect breastfeeding, however this is not always an option, and I don’t know about you but I’m not sure I’d take the risk off passing it on.

Bonding. No not for mummy this time, hello did we all forget it takes two people to make a baby. Poor old daddy getting a look in at feeding time can dramatically reduce the bonding time between dad and baby especially during the first few months, this can have just as much impact on dad as well as baby (more on this later). For all of you out there who have an answer for everything, this one being you can express breast milk yes you can and if you can do this, feed, wash, cook, clean, look after baby and everything else as well as sleep in between to be compus mentos to look after baby, then my bad there is superheroes out there.

Mastitis. If you’ve never heard the word, look it up. It’s an extremely nasty infection that can occur in the breast of breastfeeding mothers.

As it goes breastfeeding affects women differently, some find it sore and uncomfortable, some find it tiring and irritable and who wants to feel like that at what should be a wonderful time of your life. I feel like this should be an open accepted choice whichever way you decide to go.

I read all this, I get the spiel from my midwife it all sounds great. I talk it over with my partner, I hit my first hurdle. He discusses that he wants to bond with baby too and he would feel isolated from feeding time if I breastfed, we decide to go ahead, for now.

My story – I went into have my c section at 30 weeks and 2 days. Daughter wasn’t growing her lungs were smaller than they should be. My blood pressure was high and the platelets that clot your blood were low in my blood count. She needed to be delivered and it needed to be now. I signed the form to say if I died it wouldn’t be the hospitals fault. I didn’t know if daughter would live. I hadn’t slept in 36 hours and I was told I would have to be awake for delivery.

Daughter arrived and she let out the biggest scream, we were so relieved. I went to see baby girl shortly after, I expected sympathy even grieving time for 8 weeks of lost pregnancy and also for my bag of sugar baby that was fighting for her life. This I got from the nurses at the nicu. The breastfeeding nurse was a whole different story.

I was bombarded with information. Told that my breast milk was her best chance of survival and that I had to express what I could as soon as possible. I was traumatized to say the least. I sobbed that day because knew no milk had come. My body wasn’t ready to produce milk it was 8 weeks to early!

Still I tried long nights and days in and out of the nicu and my room expressing milk and visiting baby girl. I did mybest but it wasn’t enough. I was made to feel like it wasn’t an option to give up. Breast was best they’d say. I would worry about expressing breast milk so much that i couldn’t sleep. I wouldn’t go out because I’d be constantly on the machine trying my best.

When the time came to take daughter home we were given weeks to prepare. By this time she was being bottle fed anyway as I couldn’t produce enough milk for demand, yet the breastfeeding nurse kept saying keep on, you must carry on at home, breast is best.

Then saviour came in the shape of the HDU nurse caring for daughter. She simply said you can’t do it all you’ve done enough. She told me to bottle feed at home and enjoy the time with our daughter together as stress free as possible.

That day I sobbed with relief, and I will never forget that nurse, her name was Rose 🙂

4 years on daughters doing great.


Yes she’s been poorly (you need a Damn good kick up the bum if you think your child won’t get ill!) But she’s healthy and happy and so fun. I don’t regret not breastfeeding because I wouldn’t have been the best mother I could be if I did.

Please don’t judge those that don’t breastfeed. Please don’t pressure or shame them. It’s a choice. Remember that.