52 Week Challenge Week 4


Ok ok i know im a week late here today beautiful people. Life is hectic at the minute. We are planning a move, im working all hours god sends to save for said move and the summer holidays have begun so life is hectic.

Still no excuses i know.

Now this weeks blog post is to be about a childhood memory. Given that its the summer holidays and my daughter is very want want want at the minute it drew my memories back to our holidays at school. How we were happy with simple things and hardly anyyhing had to cost money.
In particular one febuary half term. It snowed a lot. My mum and dad were still together at this point and we had a german shepherd called Judy. The snow didnt stop us going out but when we were kids sleds were expensive. We lived near a ginormous hill when i was young and off course sledding was the done thing. So instead of needing something that cost the earth we decided we would upcycle an old umbrella. It was the best winter ive had and always sticks in my mind.
It wasnt so much the sledding it was the memory of spending time, precious time, with my mum and dad. I can still feel the cold biting at my red rosy cheeks, and hear the dog barking as we hurtled down the hill at what seemed like 100 miles an hour. Magical to a child.

It just proves that you can do things with the kids without spending. The only spend you should have to make are the spending of time together 😊.

As we grow older i think we all realise time is something we never get back. Memories are what we have always. Priceless.

Have a fabulous week beautiful people.



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