Small Hexxi Stars Free Pattern


Hello beautiful people.
So ive been seeing stars just lately no not the famous kind the crochet kind! I love stars especially because they remind me of christmas.
Now i know i hear you cry its August the 2nd. But these are so small and cute that by christmas you could have thousands wipped up to adorn the tree 😊

So here goes. Gauge, hook size and yarn don’t matter here. Use whatever your heart desires (this is a great scrap buster).
I chose a bright red yarn and a 3.5mm hook.
Pattern is in UK terminology with US in parentheses.

1. Make a slip stitch and chain 4.
2. Join the chain to form a ring by slip stitching into the last chain from the hook.
3. Ch 2, we will now be working in rounds.
4. One Treble crochet (US Double) into the ring. Ch 2.
5. 3 tr cluster into the ring, ch2

***3 tr cluster – Yarn over, insert hook into ring and pull up yarn, 3 loops on hook. Pull through 2 loops, 2 loops left on hook. Yarn over, insert hook into ring a second time, pull up yarn 4 loops on hook. Yarn over pull through 2 loops, 3 loops on hook, pull through last 3 loops on hook.***

6. Repeat step 5 4 more times. Sl st to the first treble (double). You should have 6 cluster stitches.
7. Sl st into first 2ch space. 1 Tr(double), ch1, two half treble (half double) into the same space.
8. 2 half treble (half double), ch1, 2 half treble (half double) into the next ch2 space.
9. Repeat around and join to the beginning ch2.

You should have what looks like a little hexagon on your hook.


Now you end this round right in the middle of the straight edge of the hexagon. So you need to slip stitch along to the next ch 1 space.

10. Once you reach the next ch1 space double crochet (single crochet) into the next 4 stitches (the last stitch will be the next corner or ch1 space. Ch1 and turn.

11. Double crochet 2together (single crochet 2together) twice. Ch1 turn.

12. Dc (sc) in each stitch. Ch1 turn.

13. Dc2together (sc2together) once to leave one stitch on your hook. Ch1 turn.

14. Single crochet in each stitch down the point (its roughly 4 stitches) to get to the next straight edge of your hexxi.


15. Repeat steps 10-14 untill you have 6 points. Sl st in next stitch and fasten of. You can leave the tail for hanging or weave it in.

There you have it a super cute hexxi star.

Happy hooking


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