52 Week Challenge Week 1


Hello beautiful people.

So since my last blog ive been mooching around this glorious blogshpere for inspiration and i found this great post about a 52 week challenge from The Diary Of An Ordinary Mum blog.
I was intrigued. I love to blog and share my passion for crochet but i feel lack of time and inspiration inhibits me so ive decided to give two, yes two, 52 week challenges a bash.
The first will be over here on my blog. Ive borrowed the ‘Ordinary mums’ list as i love the topics and im hoping you’ll all find me interesting enough to read along.


I also wanted to broaden my instagram slightly so ill be doing a photo challenge for myself over on Instagram too. The Instagram challenge is as below.


Feel free to join in and tag me if you do.
This is week 1. I guess ive already told you why im doing the challenge whilst i was waffling on! Ill post every Wednesday here on the blog and every Thursday over on Instagram. Im hoping itll be fun and hey i may even learn a little about myself along the way.
Ill still be doing crochety things in the meantime too 😊
Happy hooking lovelies
Woollypops x


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