Crochet Sea Creatures Pattern Roundup


Hello lovelies

I know i know its been a long time, its been super busy here at Woollypops HQ ive been busy making, house hunting, and running family life that ive neglected this side of Woollypops and i am truly sorry. I hope you’ll all forgive me πŸ˜‡.

Now just lately you may have noticed these two beauties pop up in my Etsy store



I have to admit ive fallen in love with crochet sea creatures. I love the blue hues and it makes me think of the beach and feel all summery 😊. Not only that there cute little faces just make me melt! So in the spirit of the sea ive compiled my top 10 favourite FREE patterns. Enjoy πŸ˜„

1. One Dog Woof crochet Jellyfish.

This is the pattern i used for my jellyfish above. Its super easy, super cute and can be made with any yarn you have spare in any colour combination you like. I also love how the tentacles are free form so each jellyfish is unique.

2. Vibemai crochet sea turtle.

Again super easy with basic amigurumi techniques. I used this again for my turtle above. The only exception being i omitted the eyes and used safety eyes and added a little embroidered smile. Very versatile and again any type of yarn can be used.

3. Candy Whale from the duchessa’s hands blog

Who doesnt love a super colourful ami with the worlds sweetest bow! πŸ˜„ Again simple amigurumi techniques are used here and if you’ve made ami’s before you should be fine with this pattern.

4. No sew octopus from K Hook creations.

The sweetness and cuteness is to much! Adorable, perhaps a little more fiddly due to the size and no sew tentacles but look how cute this little guy is! Also it would look great in chunky yarn.

5. Orca pattern from Amidorable crochet on craftsy

Im pretty sure you need a craftsy account to access this pattern. It is however totally worth it as you get access to tons of free patterns. The construction and fins will be the most difficult part of this ami.

6. Dolphin designed by Sonja Hood at free


This pattern does require good attention to detail. But its free! Also id reccommend this for more intermediate crocheters.

7. Amigurumi seahorse by black hat llama.

Another simple pattern using basic amigurumi techniques. I also love this because its head and body all in one piece, any excuse for less sewing 😁

8. Amigurumi Crab at Repeat Crafter Me

We couldnt have a roundup without the lovely Sarah at repeat crafter me. Of course its another great, easy to follow pattern with great pictures and turns out this cute little guy.

9. Crochet seashells from life made creation blog.

Original designs by Susan Whitlock. The link can be found on the life made creation blog. I love the colour used (i love bright colours!). The patterns can be fiddly so pleased dont be disheartened if it takes a few attempts to get right.

10. Lastly Nelson the Narwal by Mara Rosenbloom.

Super cute and simple to make. Colour changes and a fiddly horn make it more advanced than beginner but give it a whirl its free!

Thats your lot lovelies. If you like it pin it. Follow me over on Instagram for more crochet goodness.

Happy hooking



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