Amigurumi Obsessed


Hi folks! This week ive developed an unhealthy obsession. Yes thats right the art of amigurumi has swept over me like a case of the pox, and i just cant stop scratching!
I have metaphorically got my fingers in many amigurumi pies. Hence i wanted to share with you some of my favourite patterns free and paid for. Now here i hear you grumble, ive been there i dont particularly love paying for things either πŸ˜‰ but some patterns you just HAVE to have 😊.

Ok so first my pies. This super cute little kitty which is now available in the Etsy Store.


I am now working on a miffy bunny.

And have also finished a lovely Edwards Menagerie hippo.

So i hear you ask what do i consider to be my top 10 amigurumis. Well here goes.

In at 10. Beeety the sheep by Lanukas

Now this was a hard choice as there are so many cute patterns on the Lanukas site. I love this one because of the textured yarn and the super adorable little ears 😊 and it can be adapted for babies kids or left as is for super crazy amigurumi obsessed adults such as myself πŸ˜€.

At 9. Twinkle toes the unicorn by KornflakeStew.

Now this is the first of 2 Kornflake Stew patterns im going to include. I loooooove Alisons work i looove that this is free ive made up one of these (check my instagram) and it was super simple and so cute. Alison is one of my favourite designers by far so please do check her out ☺.

At 8 we have the My Little Pony Collection by Knit One Awesome.

For a freebie this pattern selection is fab. Granted some of the ponies such as Celestia above will require a more ecperienced crocheter but i would deffinatley give these a go.

At 7. Dress me bunny from Amigurumi to go.

Another great freebie site. Sharons amigurumis are lovely and she videos each one so if you arent as experienced you can follow along. I made my first amigurumi watching sharons videos i found it super easy and was thrilled with the results. Another of my favourite designers.

At 6. Llama amigurumi by Julie Chen

Now there isnt many patterns for llamas or alpacas out there. This is why i love the pattern. Well worth the buy in my book.

At 5. Little bear crochets dragon

I love little bear crochets. She may not have many patterns in her shop but in my book its quality here that counts. Also check out her instagram feed its a treat 😊

In at 4. Clarence the bat by Kerry Lord

Now anyone who knows the amigurumi world will not need me to mention that this is an edwards menagerie bat. I have the original book and i love love love the patterns. Theyre so well written and pictured a begginner could put them together and i love Kerry and Toft too so for me thats a bonus ☺

Top 3 now….pomp a poodle from Red Heart Yarns

What a super cutie and another freebie. A bonus here is you can buy everything needed at the touch of a button on the website. I love the colour and perceived complexity. The whole look of the little doggy is super and im sure would delight any little lady.

Ok coming in at 2 its a Lalylala bina the bear

Now this pattern is super cute and so worth the purchase. I contacted Lydia some time ago to ask her what was the best pattern for her basic doll so that i could use many of the mods out there. She said Bina was best. I say well worth it because type in lalylala free mods to pinterest and there are tons that work with this one pattern. An array of inspiration from one pattern.

And coming it at 1 its got to be another Kornflake Stew with her mermaid pattern.

I have recently brought this pattern and am in the final stages of the doll. Its so easy to follow with great results. Clear instructions detailed with pictures. The dolls are just adorable.

So there you have it folks. Sometimes a pattern can be a good investment and the paid ones ive shown i hope demonstrate this.

Happy Hooking

Woollypops xx


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