10 Free Easter Crochet Patterns


So it’s nearly that time of year again, when the Easter bunny hops down our driveway and delivers bucket loads of chocolate hidden in various places around the house. So I figured seen as there’s only 26 days to go it was about time I put up a roundup of my favourite and completely free crochet patterns for Easter.
Most of these are super simple and quick patterns, so here we go.

1. Bunny Boo the egg shaped bunny. By Roxycraft.


This I think you will all agree is a super cute pattern. Easy and quick to make up. Perfect to put inside those plastic eggs instead of filling them with sweets.

2. Chicken beanbag by petals to picot.


These are a great alternative to gifting chocolate this Easter. You can make them from any yarn weight in any colour. Take them to the back yard and play. Because they’re super cute and soft you can use them inside too.

3. Daffodill brooch pattern by Julie Kyle


This is a lovely pattern to gift for a mum or nana and you can add stems and leaves to make a bouquet, hair pins to put in yours or a childs hair, the possibilities with this are great. My personal favourite idea is to add these to an easter bonnet.

4. Bunny easter basket from Lion Brand


This is a gift and egg hunting basket in one. The face can be customised with bows or flowers to make it more girly and again its relatively easy and should work up quickly. Make this up in a cotton yarn and it can be washed and re-used too.

5. Easter chicks by Red Hot Fibres.


These are great for little bambinos. Makes a great sorting game and a great substitue for chocolate. They fit inside an egg box or plastic toy egg and the pattern again is easy.

6. Bunny pot cover by The Inspired Wren.


This pattern has great diagrams and is very well explained. Again another great gift, and if youre the more seasoned crocheter you can adapt this to make many animals.

7. Egg cosies by Double Treble Trinkets.

Who doesnt love a good egg cosy? Theyre cute, easy to make and with this pattern you get 3 different patterns in one. I personally love the sheep ☺ and will deffinatlet be making up a whole host of these this easter.

8. Crochet Carrot pouch by Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me.

This pattern is adorable and a great freebie. This can be used for sweet treats, pet treats, or as a cute little prop for any bambinos dressing up as a bunny this easter. Its easy to make, and like each of the patterns any weight of yarn can be used. Im biased i love tge repeat crafter me website ☺.

9. Crochet easter bunny by WollPlatz.

This pattern may be a little more difficult. It needs to be translated through google (unless you read german!) And even then some terms are foreign to me. I do want to give this a go however. Anyone who does let me know as i think theyre super cute.

10. Crochet chick decoration by Snovej.


Now this is a super easy cute pattern. I made one of these up in 7minutes (sadly i timed it i know!) But just to demonstrated how quick easy and well explained the pattern is. Use them to embellish, decorate the easter table or your own easter tree.

And thats your lot folks. I hope you enjoy these fabulous patterns and hook a happy easter ☺


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