Grannies! Grannies! Grannies!


Ok so in my household my partner always jokes that hes my toy boy because im an 80 year old woman stuck inside a 27 year old! Needless to say hes actually older than me, but also very right on many levels! This may explain my obsession with granny squares! I looooove them. They are versatile and hold so many possibilities that this week ive gone a bit mad with them! My personal favourite is the rose granny ive been crocheting to make a blanket.


So given my obsession i thought id share with you what i consider to be 10 of the best free granny square patterns.

1. Crochet angel heart granny square by Maz Kwok of be a crafter.


This is sooo cute! I love the colour scheme Maz has used and that the heart applique can be used on its own or encorporated into a granny. This square is well instructed with images to help. Check out Maz’s instagram and the rest of her blog for other great patterbs too.

2. Crochet rose granny square on craft elf.


This is the pattern i used for my rose squares above. Once youve made one of these youll want to make hundreds more. Again the colours used her can be any colour or scheme and the grannies can be used for numerous things. This pattern is slightly more advanced for a beginner crocheter but well worth the perseverance if you are a beginner.

3. Minion granny square from repeat crafter me.


Ok so who doesnt love Sarah from repeat crafter me? If you arent aware of her a. Where have you been and b. Follow her pin her work read her blog she is amazing and her crochet work is fabulous. I love her so much im including two of her designs here! This square again is a little more advanced but is great for all the minion obsessed kids out there. Its unique and different and thats what Sarah doea best.

4. Owl granny square from repeat crafter me.


Again a slightly more advanced granny. Sarahs instructions however are super clear and she has great pictures to go with them. I like this as again its aimed at a younger age group. I love that grannies are for all age demographics ☺.

5. Daisy flower granny square from color n cream.


This is super easy and has such great instructions. I love the colours used here, you’re instantly drawn to the squares as they’re so bright. Even a beginner will be able to work these squares up. Please take a look at the rest of the blog. If nothing else just looking at the pictures will instantly cheer you up. The colours are fantastic and the patterns too.

6. Heart granny square from wild and wanderful.


Super duper easy to work up in numerous amounts of colours and can be joined using many methods. Carry your colours through the square to save weaving in all those ends.

7. Tropical delight square on Mellie blossom.


Firstly i will reittorate mellie blossoms message that this is not her own pattern but she has permission to
share it for free on her blog. Now formalities out of the way this square is spectacular. Yes its not a traditional square but it is amazing. The pattern is for an advanced crocheter and i would recommend reading all of the notes and the pattern thoroughly before attempting this simply gorgeous square.

8. Skull granny square by crochet nirvana.


Firstly for the pattern the link will direct you to crochet nirvanas blog. If you scroll down eventually you will see the above image. Click the image and a pdf will download. Voila pattern. The pattern is easy enough for the beginner crocheter and is super cool for older kids and grown ups alike. Check out crochet nirvanas artwork to shes got such great talents.

9. Daisy heart granny square from Daisy Cottage designs.


Another blogger i absolutely adore (check out her crochet tote bags). With super clear explanation and instructions and great pictures this pattern is suitable for any crocheter no matter how experienced. Thats what i live about daisy cottage shes super good at explaining every detail or question you may have in a pattern.

10. 4 hearts granny from hooks and yarns.


This is strictly a 3 in 1 pattern. Hooks and yarns gives us this gorgeous square, a 3d element and also has 3 ways to work it up. As 4 hearts, 4 cupcakes or 4 ice cream cones. Super fun and easy enough to work up.

And thats your lot folks. Hoping youve enjoyed the round up and will enjoy making some of these fabulous squares. I do have a granny square board on pinterest also.
Happy crocheting


4 thoughts on “Grannies! Grannies! Grannies!

  1. I love the skeleton granny.
    It’s the best and cutest. Now my brain is thinking all about granny….
    Please bring us more managing collections like this. Thank you for this gorgeous post.
    P x


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