Valentines πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Hi lovely folks. So today is little ladys valentines disco! Ok ok so shes only 4 so its more of an excuse to have a nursery party than anything else! But i have to say this year im more inspired by valentines day than usuall.
Little lady was super excited this morning as you can see.


I crocheted her a lovely headband to wear to heart her outfit up a bit! Needless to say im biased and think shes adorable!


So her excitement has deffinatley rubbed of and this morning i decided to crochet a set of gorgeously valentiney (yes its a new word 😊) pair of wrist warmers.


These are made as a one size fits all using the super cute heart stitch that has been seen on blankets, leg warmers, cushion covers etc. I used this tutorial for the heart stitch http:// and simply made a block big enough for my wrist and sewed the right sides together to make a nice neat seam.



A quick guide: the pattern is in multiples of 7 with a chain of 8 to begin. So i chain 8 and then chain in multiples of 7 untill the chain fit around the largest part of my hand (including the thumb).
I then followed the pattern on the heart stitch tutorial untill my block was at the right length to fit my wrist.
Fold right sides together and stitch the seam.
Tadaaaa hearty wrist warmers ☺
Hoping you all have a fabby valentines day


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