From 0 to 1000 in 2 weeks


Hello all!

Today I’ve breached the 1000 followers Mark on Pinterest. I’m so pleased 🙂 now I know it’s not 10 000 followers like a lot of people have out there, but hopefully it will give me some exposure for my etsy shop and start a snowball effect.

The reason everyone wants followers is of course for re-pins and exposure, which hopefully this will boost for my etsy shop. Pinterest also ranks re-pins and activity, popularity and likes so if you’re looking to get featured or recommended it’s a good way to go, the more followers the more you get seen.

This achievement has only taken 2 Weeks and a little bit of work and here’s how I did it.

Firstly I searched for my niche subject on Pinterest (crochet for me) and looked at all the pin here, this is important make sure you’re looking at spinners and not pins.

Once you’ve found the spinners of your niche out there look for the pin here with the most followers. Now for those of you with a Folksy or Etsy shop there’s a great place to start. Etsians and folksies alike out there generally operate on an ill follow you back process, so are great people to follow.

So as an example type Etsy into the search and then go onto their profile.

Next thing to do is go to either their followers or people they’re following. Most people will advise you to go for their followers first. This is fine. People that follow something you’re interested in are likely to look at your pinterest and follow you too as your pinterest will be made up of things they like too.

Now if you look at a corporation like Etsy and their followers they are more likely than not people who also have a lot of followers (bloggers, bigger handmade company etc) if you can get some of these people to follow you and pin your pins this could prove really helpful as more people see your work.

Keep doing this look for mote ways to describe your niche for instance I’ve searched, knitting, handmade, crafts, and also blogs as most blogs out there worth there salt are a bit crafty or diy related. Now hopefully most of these people will follow you back and your feed on pinterest will be filled with inspiration too.

Another thing I will say here too is follow people your products are aimed at. For instance I crochet a lot for kids. So I typed ‘mumsnet’ into a pinner search and followed people who follow Mumsnet. This is in the hope as mums buy mostly for kids it will direct them to my product.

»»»»»pinterest will only allow you to follow 300 people at a time, so you will have to keep at this««««

The next thing to do is make sure you pin at least 10 things each day. Try to make sure these are spread out, some people will follow you if you bulk up there feed to much. Really interesting, and also new (by this I mean things not necessarily sourced on pinterest, but on the internet) images are key here, it makes you more followable.

Thirdly liking images is key too. Every time you like a pin it pops up in that person’s notifications and they may just give you a click to see who you are and if you’re worth commenting on. Be careful here again as if you ‘like’ to many images pinterest will put a block on you. This is purely to stop spamming.

Fourth, make sure to comment on images. Make sure these comments are worthwhile, for instance posting something like ‘cool image’ is less likely to get your pinterest a view. Commenting on colour, perspective, design, etc is more worthwhile. Ask the pinner a question if you like or even invite them to look at a board of yours that is similar. Content in comments is key.

Lastly, joining in group boards is another way to gain followers. Pingroupie is a great place to find boards to join, don’t be afraid to ask for invites. The worst someone can do is ignore your request. I’m a member of a few group boards now and have even been invited to boards without asking which means someone has looked at my profile to see if my content is worth pinning.

These are the things I did to build my following, and I have noticed too that a lot of people following me I’m not following which means I am gaining exposure. Hopefully this will work for you too.

Happy pinning x


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