Disney’s Frozen Crochet Roundup of the best FREE patterns

Frozen Crochet Roundup Title

Hello all!

So I don’t know about the rest of you with young girls out there, but my daughter is madly obsessed and in love with all things Disney! In fact at the age of 3 she has requested I crochet her something from each disney princess film for her birthday! I have explained to her that this is in four weeks and probably won’t happen but I’ll try! So it gave me a hunt, a mission if you will to root out a lot of crochet patterns. I therefore thought I’d share what I thought to be the best for each DP film in a pattern roundup.

So first we begin with the most popular Disney film ever Frozen! All of these patterns are free and vary in difficulty. Click the highlighted title for the pattern link. So let’s get started.

Starting with the main lady herself Queen Elsa of Arrendale Doll pattern found on Ravellry.


This pattern is by Annie 88 on deviant art and is just lovely, it is elaborate and involves a lot of work but it’s so worth it. One hint here do not click the download link, the pattern is found in the info section underneath the picture, from here you can copy and paste.

Anna’s coronation barbie doll dress

Frozen Crochet Roundup 2

This is from the brilliant cogaroo crafts here on WordPress. Again the link is in the title. The pattern is fine for a beginner I’d say as its explained really well. I love crochet doll clothes, they cost next to nothing to make and more often than not last longer than the store bought clothes.

Next we have a lovely crown, perfect for dress up.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 15

This pattern is from fable of five (cute blog :)) and is super easy and again really inexpensive to make. Note to selves here these headbands can be picked up super cheap on eBay in packs of ten. Making these perfect party favours too.

You can’t have Frozen without the snowflakes!

Frozen Crochet Roundup 1

I love these, in fact I’ve already made up a few (not the same pattern as those on Etsy fear not!) I made these for my daughter’s frozen party and they were a huge hit. Great for a beginner, and a quick make up for someone more experienced. I would block these if your going to use them as decorations, the flower girl as ill call her (couldn’t find her name on her blog!) Suggests Modge podge I use p a mixed with water which is just as effective.

Elsa barbie doll coronation dress

Frozen Crochet Roundup 3

Another great free pattern from cogaroo crafts. As she says in the blog getting hold of these dresses for the dolls is costly, I’ve known people buy two dolls for this reason! These patterns are fab and let’s be honest they could be Disney’s own for how good they look. Kudos to cogaroo I say πŸ™‚

Now this is the ultimate Frozen costume.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 4

I love love love this. As a free pattern it’s tremendous! Yes it’s elaborate I get that buts it’s flipping spectacular too. Well worth the effort for the result. The pattern for the bag tiara and wand are also included, and hey if you start now it should be ready for Halloween πŸ˜› Just a little side note here. Someone has left a rather unfair review on the pattern saying it was a ‘pain to measure constantly why don’t they tell you to continue a stitch for x amount of rows’ well let’s clear this up, every child is different for example my baby is 4 in September and barley touches 100cm if they said to crochet for x amount of rows it may be too big on one child and too small on another. If you aren’t willing to put the graft in, give this one a miss.

Now let’s not forget about Anna.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 6

I love this knot your nanas crochet, if you take a look at my post about my favourite crochet blogs she’s up there πŸ™‚ the stitches here are simple enough and so is the assembly just bare in mind it’s a big project so it will take time, but again much cheaper and way more thoughtfull than store bought.

To go with the cape, this gorgeous hat.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 7

I will definitely be making this for winter. The pattern is easy to follow with great pictures. The design of the hat itself is gorgeous this doesn’t have to be an Anna hat but I just love that it is! Check this blog out its got to go on your to do list.

We must not forget Olaf!

Frozen Crochet Roundup 9

I love one dog woof anyway so call me biased but this was the best pattern out there that didn’t look a tad too goofy. His face just seems right and look at those cute little arms. A great make up and super easy if you know amigurumi.

Transforming Elsa Amigurumi.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 12

This pattern is very cool. The site is in Spanish (I think!) I’m hoping your browser’s will automatically translate like mine did however if not type irka chan into a Google search and fingers crossed in the results it should come up with a little translate this page icon. The pattern is a little more complex but it is adorable and the beauty with amigurumi is that if you choose a thicker yarn than that stated it will turn out bigger and vice versa so they can be made any size you like.

Crochet Elsa Hat With Plait

Frozen Crochet Roundup 17

Ok so two reasons I chose this pattern over a crown with hair or a snow queen hat. Firstly it’s super simple, and secondly it fit a like a hat but looks like the hair so it’s snug, can be worn outdoors and looks like Elsa hair not a hat with a Plait. This is great to complete the costume and again much cheaper than a store bought wig!

This super cute snowflake scarf, is a must for any frozen fan.

Frozen Crochet Roundup 13

Keep scrolling down for the pattern on the page. I love Twinkie Chan and I love how delish this looks. It’s super bright blues make me just want it (to eat or wear I’m not sure!) And its a great pattern to follow for beginner or expert alike.

And there you have it folks, that’s what I reckon are your best Frozen freebies. I want to just add a little end though. There’s a designer on Ravellry called Becky Anne Smith, she designed an Elsa Anna Kristofferson and Sven dolls which I wanted to include as her patterns were amazing and free (see picy below).

Frozen Crochet Roundup 18-1

However she sold these to Disney (can’t say I blame her to have a major company want your crochet pattern is a big achievement) she did say when they’re available for purchase she will leave details on Ravellry and I think they would definitely be worth a purchase.

Hope you like it. Next pattern search will be for Disney’s Brave (wish me luck on that one!)

Happy Hooking x


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