Crochet Knot Headband

Crochet Knot Headband

Hi folks. A couple of days ago I was looking at quick, easy, stash busting crochet accessories on Pinterest (you can find me here) and came across these cute little knotted headbands. Now I’m not crediting this pattern as my own by all means. I just found that with a few tweaks here and there it was more understandable, and also easier to size to a specific age or person. So here goes.

You can use any yarn and hook for this. All you need is enough leftovers to make 6 chains that are double the size of the head you’re making it for.


A note about sizing here. I sized this so that it was big enough for my 3 yr old daughter. Now I personally know from making previous things for her that her head is 85ch around. So you need to double this so that you have enough leftover to tie the headband (something I wasn’t told in previous patterns they kept comin out to small!). Now all you need to do if you don’t know the size of the person’s head is look up head sizes (again on pinterest for me, great pin here) and then chain double the length stated example an average toddlers head is 17.5″-19.5″ so I would chain 39″ x 6. Any queries please do comment and I’ll try to answer as best I can.

So the tutorial. This is to fit a 3yr old as said previously.

Ch 170 from any yarn 6 times. So that you have 6 chains.

Crochet Headband pic 1

Group these chains into 2 groups of 3 and make sure they’re lying on a flat surface. With the first group fold them like the below so there’s a loop in the top.

Crochet Headband pic 2

Now bring the second group across the top of the first and curl the ends upwards.

Crochet Headband pic 3

Bring the right side tails, of the top group underneath the right side tails of the bottom group.

Crochet Headband pic 4

Bring the left side tails of the top group underneath the loop of the bottom group. (This knitting process is easier if the group’s are two separate colours).

Crochet Headband pic 5

Now the next part will seem dead easy to some people, once you’ve done it the first time you’ll have mastered it but I have tried to illustrate the picture below as much as possible to make it easier. Take the right side tails from the top group that are now underneath the right side tails of the bottom group. Bring them over the right side loop. Take them under the left side tails that you brought up in the previous step and then back over the loop.

Crochet Headband 6

Hopefully you should have what looks like the above. Pull on all the tails. . .

Crochet Headband 7

Finally straighten out the chains so they’re neat when pulled and give the effect you want. Here’s mine of my beautiful (and very patient with me!) Model.

Crochet Headband 9Crochet Headband 10

The great thing about this is its so versatile. There’s loads of different types of knots out there that can be done in the same way. You can match the colour to any outfit and even interchange with headbands you’ve already made (just pull one apart and reknot with different colours. Also any yarn weight can be used. Put a chunky yarn into play and you’ve got a great winter warmer. Use a lighter weight and its perfect for summer.

Hope you like it 🙂

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Happy Hooking!


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