My Top 5 Niche Blogs

I was looking around the good old www today and decided I wanted to share my top 5 Niche blogs and give a quick rundown of what they’re all about and why I think they’re a valuable commodity in my craft. So here goes (in no particular order!);


So we’ll kick off with pink milk jewells. Firstly  love that it’s very girl’s and has clean clear presentation. Some might say it’s basic, but hey what’s wrong with that. Nothing in my opinion you can see what’s being offered.

Heather the owner of the blog is a UK gal also and has many talents and interests in the crafting world. She also posts on her blog consistently which is nice but doesn’t overload which is also a big plus. Heather blog posts are very visual (I love looking at images on a blog I’m very visual and very nosey!) Her pictures are fab, always colourful, crisp and well presented.

Pink milk crochet is also Heathers shop on Etsy she has lots of fab patterns on her blog too and some of them are free, the rest are very very well priced and competitive to others I’ve seen out there. Definitely a blog worth having a gander at 🙂

Next we have crochet cafe. Again a very visual blog, lots of pictures lots to explore and see. Owned by the lovely Jocelyn who again is a consistent blogger and has quality as well as quantity.

Lots of great info for any crochet enthusiast, and lots of free patterns too. I especially love the Christmas patterns which will be coming in use sooner than you think! Another great etsy store is linked up here again the patterns here are such great value and there is a really good choice with a wide variety of subjects.

Jocelyn also has another great shop with an eclectic stock of patterns or ladies accessories and garments.

Knotyournanascrochet conjures lots of words in my head but the main ones are ‘too cute!’ I’m going to start by giving lots of praise here for the adorable free patterns you can access on this site. I’ve been crocheting long enough to know that we as a community love a good free pattern, well look no further because knotyournanascrochet has them.

A great website for crochet info also especially for those of you in the US. Lots of posting on craft classes and links to craftsy to keep you interested.

The site is really easy to navigate, I didn’t even have to stumble upon the super cute farm blanket 🙂 the ideas here are lovely and definitely worth your time. There is also a really comprehensive help section with great links for the novice or expert alike.

So we move on to award winning Emma VarnumAnother consistent blogger with great images (yes I know she’s award winning but credit where credits due). Emma has written a selection of great books and appeared in many a magazine but I love that her blog still feels like your down to earth girl next door someone I can relate to blog. She definitely has that x factor I keep hearing everyone talk about!

Not only has Emma printed a great selection of books but she also has a nice selection of free patterns on her website too. I think she’s one of my favourites because she got it right and made a business out of what she loves. She’s definitely one to watch.

Lastly but by no means least we come to Moogly. I don’t want to say this is my favourite mainly because I can’t pick one. But it’s definitely up there. This is a free pattern paradise, and not only that but the patterns are so unique and original you will never get bored here.

A consistent blogger again, it seems consistency is key to keeping an audience, no wonder owner Tamara has such a popular blog. At the moment the 2015 crochet Afghan along is definitely worth a watch.

This blog is informative, has some killer giveaways, and great patterns. This is also my favourite instagram feed.

So there you have it 5 great blogs from the crochet world. I hope you enjoy looking around and finding new things to create. Hope to see you back soon.

Happy Monday x

One thought on “My Top 5 Niche Blogs

  1. Wow Wee – what a lovely lovely thing to do – you are so kind! I am *blushing* here. Small request – I have a strange surnam – ‘Varnam’ without a U – but not that precious – thank you so much for being so generous and the fact that I am in very illustrious company in your selection. Big Hugs Emma


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