To etsy and beyond!

So this week I reopened my etsy and folksy shops. I originally opened these last summer and life kind of got in the way of me doing anything with them. I feel now I have two advantages where I could make them a success, time and knowledge.

First things first, Etsy. So here’s my shop

The first thing I did this time around was create a banner. I wanted my shop to loom like I’d made an effort and be presentable. There are a number of free sites out there that will do this for you. A simple google search for free etsy banner maker should suffice.

Secondly I uploaded a couple of products. At the minute I’m working on a product base however I wanted to test the water and quite frankly was like a kid in a sweet shop!

Next came filling in all of my shop info and about page. This is vital as many people won’t buy from you if they don’t know at least a bit about your product or who you are. The best piece of advice I found on an etsy forum. The gal here said that most buyers won’t purchase if your policies and about pages aren’t filled in and legit because how are they supposed to know how you operate. Do this first make sure your shops kosher!

So all I had to do was wait. . . . .

Whilst waiting I looked up a few articles on being a success on etsy. This brought me to some great advice that told me to join the forums and put my face out there for people to see. I did this and am already seeing traffic through my shop. I haven’t had a sale as of yet but people viewing your merchandise and getting your face out there is important and you never know who they might recommend you to.

I followed this same structure for my folksy shop

The best advice I myself can give is you’ve got to speculate to accumulate. You’ve gotta put in the work if you want results. I’ve already seen small scale results which has soured me on. Hopefully in the future I can post a blog with the title first etsy sale.

But in the meantime

Trying to stay sane in the madness


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